MapleStory Private Server Wiki

MapleStory Private Server Wiki

MapleStory Private Server Wiki is a collaborative website about the development and operation of MapleStory servers (not restricted to private ones), as well as the history and exclusive contents of private servers.

It is made with the intention of helping MapleStory enthusiasts better appreciate the hardwork involved in building successful MapleStory servers so they won't be taken for granted.

You can navigate through this wiki by using the menu on your left.

The contents of this wiki are for educational purposes only.

Helping the wiki grow

This wiki is fairly new and is desperate for new articles and more professional content. You can help by posting an article. It isn't compulsory to register before posting but it is preferred so we can be aware of your contributions.

What you can do to help

  • If you find some articles too confusing, you can either edit it to make things easier for the average guy to read, or simply post a comment in the discussion page and hope someone will edit it.
  • Provide definitions of private servers commonly used terms. Examples include 'localhost', 'source', 'fork', 'repack', 'packet'.
  • Describe components of a source, such as packet handlers
  • Share your experience on what you have done to develop or upgrade a source, such as learning programming languages, packet sniffing
  • Give an overview of the ups and downs of private server development
  • Correct errors you have seen while browsing through the articles

As you'd have noticed, the wiki is very plain. It you are good in graphics stuff and thinks the logo and background looks awful, feel free to edit my Talk page with some suggestions or links to your art work which you would like to use on the wiki.

In order to ensure the survivability of this wiki, please

  • Try your best to maintain neutrality in all articles.
  • Do not vandalize this wiki
  • Do not defame the companies involved in the production and distribution of MapleStory, as well as their representing lawyers

Have fun editing!