MapleStory Private Server Wiki

A packet handler, as the name suggests, handles a packet with a specific header from the client to the server.

A source contains a large number of packet handlers as they are responsible for the role of the server of interacting with the game clients, each responding to a particular action of the player which triggered the packet to be sent by the game client.

Actions of a packet handler

A packet handler may

  • alter the database
  • send another packet back to the player
  • send packets to other players

depending on the action of the player.

For example, if the packet is received when a player deletes his character, the packet handler may

  • remove the entry of the character from the database
  • send a packet back to the player to inform him that his character was deleted successfully
  • send packets to the buddies of the character who are online to remove the deleted character from their buddy list //unsure

List of packet handlers

Note that some packet handlers may be region exclusive, since there may be additional functions in more frequently updated regions.

Login Server

Login Password Handler

Pin Operation Handler

Pin Registration Handler

Server List Handler

Server Status Handler

Character List Handler

Character Creation Name Check Handler

Character Creation Handler

Character Deletion Handler

Character Selection Handler

Channel Server


Cash Shop Server