MapleStory Private Server Wiki

The Alliance packet contains data for Alliance events, like inviting a guild or creating a new Alliance.

Packet Structure[]

Base structure[]

This structure is always used at the beginning of the packet

XX XX || Short, Header
XX || Byte, Type


0x0C, Alliance Main Data[]

This packet is sent before the Alliance Guilds Data packet. It contains the alliance ID, alliance name and all guild IDs. This packet and the Allaince Guilds Data packet are sent when the player logs in and it has an Alliance.

XX || Boolean, if the packet contains the Alliance data

-- If above boolean is true
-- Alliance data, see Alliance Data Structure
-- End if
0x0D, Alliance Guilds Data[]

This packet is sent after the Alliane Main Data packet, and contains all data from every Guild.

XX XX XX XX || Integer, Amount of guilds

-- For each guild in alliance
-- Add Guild Data, see Guild Data Structure
-- End for

Additional Alliance Packet Structures[]

Alliance Data Structure[]

XX XX XX XX || Integer, Alliance ID
XX XX ... || String, Alliance name

-- For each Alliance rank title
XX XX ... || String, Alliance Rank title
-- End for

XX || Byte, Amount of Guilds in the alliance

-- For each Guild in alliance
XX XX XX XX || Integer, Guild ID
-- End for

XX XX XX XX || Integer, Alliance Capacity
XX XX ... || String, Alliance Notice