You have been blocked by Police GMMapleStory for the HACK reason.

–Maple Admin

Player being autobanned by the server.

The Autoban Message packet shows up an NPC chat window with the message that the character has been blocked by Police GMMapleStory for the HACK reason. This is only used by the Autoban system of MapleStory and will not show up when banned by a real GM. The time being blocked depends on the server configuration, as these times can be changed in the IMG files on the server side. The character gets most of the times banned for 30 days.


This packet does't have a structure, as the client only has 4 types of ban reasons, which are all HACK and are decided by the only byte sent by the server.

XX || Byte, ban type (will ALWAYS result in the HACK reason)

Additional information

  • The time period of being banned depends on the type of hack used and server configuration.
  • Clicking END CHAT or OK on the chat box doesn't matter, as the client gets disconnected anyway.
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